Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Fishing games have often received the same bad rap as real fishing gets: boring, without history and long. While these are core fishing values that can’t be shaken, no matter how you try, “Ultimate Fishing Simulator” is doing everything it can to make it fun.

On first impression, this game is beautiful. The water perfectly reflects the beautiful blue sky, and your line makes small realistic undulations as you cast. Fish react realistically, following your line or leaving when you don’t have the right bait for it. Gameplay is simplistic, with a few clicks of the mouse slapping and unscrewing the line and controls clearly defined at the bottom left. You’ll feel like a peach master in no time.

This game goes far beyond simple fishing. Every fish you catch can be released or caught, giving you the experience and money to improve your player or equipment. The joy of finally having this new rod and line after an hour of fishing is an enriching experience. Without this part of the game, fishing simulators can get bored quickly. Between the need for money for equipment, baits and lines, you also need to buy fishing licenses to unlock new areas, which have more unique types of fish in them.

This game has no micro-transactions, a quick upgrade system, money is earned quickly so it doesn’t feel like a chore and the only restrictions on the areas you can fish are the relatively cheap licenses. In an hour of the game, you have the feeling that it is really unlimited in exploration,

Whether you like fishing or not, “Ultimate Fishing Simulator ” is a little place to relax that everyone can enjoy. Despite the natural problems with fishing, this game makes it so much fun to just sit down and listen to music that I can’t help but have fun. I recommend this game to anyone who needs to relax a bit in their life.