Tips for your Fishing Trip

This fishing trip in the sea will allow you to discover the incredible fishing potential of Guadeloupe.
Guadeloupe, French overseas department is located in the Caribbean arc surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the Overseas region with the most protected area with many marine natural parks. Known for its beach of Dreams, its Creole culture, and its festivities, you will discover the island of beautiful waters from another angle, first by a fully equipped boat and fishing!

The panoramas and the diversity of the environments allow each day to be made of novelties. A multitude of underwater habitats follows one another, allowing the presence of a large number of predatory fish of all sizes, making Guadeloupe a formidable fishing destination! With the wise advice of Julien GIRAUD, our expert of this destination, you will be an actor of your fishing trip in Guadeloupe. After many years on the spot, he will guide you to enjoy the many jewels that the archipelago contains. You can go fishing in mangrove at the light launch in search of tarpons and snooks! Also, we also offer fishing on the coast and further offshore. The techniques discussed will be vertical fishing, launching on hunting and the “broumé”. Each fisher will be equipped with a high-end set of Hearty rise and Daiwa adapted to each type of fishing in Guadeloupe.

The many fish species targeted during this stay :

  • The great barracuda, a good partner of games, is present in all biotopes. Curious and combative, it reacts on any lure size max 1.80 m.
  • The Carangues or jack, 14 different species from 3 to 95 kg present everywhere whose permit on the flats — the great serial in deep fishing and the hippo in mangrove and lagoon.
  • The Pagres or snapper, eight species present everywhere up to 60 meters of depth to 50 kg. A formidable fighter, he hunts not far from his hiding place and returns as soon as he has seized his prey.
  • The Tarpon in mangrove, River and on the reefs can measure up to 2 m and weigh 100 kg it takes special conditions like Raw to touch the very large, playful and spectacular fishing, baby tarpon (baby up to 10 kg) is found everywhere.
  • Sea Pike or snook, three species are represented in mangrove, River, and reef. Fish capable of exceeding one meter and weighing up to 20 kg. Once stung he rush until he finds refuge.
  • Thazards can weigh up to 35 kg and 1.60 m, and this sharp-toothed predator is found in lagoons, near droplets and offshore. This incredible fish gives its life at the end of the line and is excellent to taste!
  • Tunas are also represented with bonito, Black tuna and yellow tuna from 10 to 100 kg to do on hunting, jigging, trolling and grazing. …
  • Sharks with four species on the coast of 10 to 200 kg, the techniques to catch the Lord of the sea are fishing with the broumé and the vid. Jigging and decoy catches remain occasional.

You will be accommodated in a superb Gite or one of the many hotels near the marina and shops. The accommodations have been carefully selected so that you will find all the modern comforts and indispensable for this dream trip: restaurant, swimming pool, and bar. The icing on the cake is that boarding will take place right in the vicinity of your accommodation!