How to Start your Fishing Journey

Every fisherman dreams of making a fishing trip, in search of new landscapes, new species or trophies, it is often difficult to choose well and to prepare his first trip.

  • Where to go ?

Fishing in the world of course everything depends on your expectations and also on your budget, a trip in search of the cockfish will not have the same cost as a stay in search of Pike meters, and this mainly because of the prices of the plane tickets. Going on a fishing trip does not always mean going far away, and fishing only in the sun in turquoise waters… you will have to determine the time you can spend on your trip, a few days or more and depending on you can choose different destinations.

You only have a few days, a long weekend, no problem, many destinations are offered to you on the European continent, Ireland, Spain, Sweden… all within reach of a few hours of flights and with very little time difference, an important point when we know that a successful fishing trip is often trying. Travelling does not automatically mean leaving the country, France hides many fish treasures, with These Great Lakes and its many rivers.

You can leave for several weeks, far away destinations are possible, South America or North America, New Zealand… so many dream destinations with magnificent landscapes.

A tip even if it is tempting, avoid focusing on a single species of fish, prefer destinations or it will be possible to have fun on several species because too often fishermen of Pike records or other huge fish come back disappointed not to have landed their first meter or their first swordfish. Yes fishing is fishing whether at home, in Lapland or at the antipodes the weather conditions and the mood of the fish can cause to break teeth and to a real failure if one only looks for one type of fish. Destinations with several species of fish to be hunted will always allow you to change your strategy and still enjoy other species.

Change your habits, you fish mainly in fresh water so why not try salt water, you will discover a new approach to fishing, species with different manners and fights, all that makes a trip is also living new emotions. For a fisherman of black bass or trout to take his first place off the Lofoten Islands will become a memorable moment even if it is not a record fish. Discover the wonder of a child who discovers a new place. By changing your habits you will not belong in going off the beaten track, you will go to Ireland and well there are not only Pike or salmon, think Trout, bars, sharks… species well present and much less hunted so more accessible.

Here I hope that these tips will allow you to choose your trip well, in a second time we will ask ourselves if it is necessary to take a guide.

You had the chance to take a fishing trip, share your memories with us.