Welcome to Dave Richey Outdoors

Welcome to my weblog and website. If you enjoy award-winning writing and photography about fishing, hunting and natural resources management, this is the spot. Each story is illustrated by one or more color photos to increase your pleasure.

We are off on a new writing path. I’ve spent four years writing blogs, and 40 years writing outdoor copy. It is straight-forward, honest and informs and entertains. I cover many topics, but never write about non-consumptive outdoor pastimes.

My site has a daily blog, and once or twice a week, I’ll write a book review on topics of interest to Michigan and world-wide anglers and hunters. Within a month there will be a feature story about certain phases of the outdoors, and it too will be illustrated with color photos. On occasion there will be a feature by another outdoor writer on a topic I feel is important to my readers. Look for them soon!

Other items of interest will be added as time goes on. Some may be static items such as a table of insect hatches. Such things are of great interest to many fly fishermen.

I have made a living writing outdoor copy, and it comes from my heart. I cover topics that other outdoor writers seldom write and that’s the focus of the articles I write in this blog.