Dave Richey

My name is Dave Richey, and it’s time that we shook, howdied and got acquainted.

I’ll be on this  internet site every day with new copy, and if you enjoy Michigan fishing and hunting, and an occasional story from other widely scattered locations across North America, you’ve come to the right spot.

I retired in 2003 from The Detroit News, Michigan’s largest daily newspaper, as their staff outdoor writer-photographer. I covered fishing and hunting for its 1 million+ readers for over 23 years, and wrote more than 14,000 columns, features and shorts during my tenure.

Fulltime free-lance outdoor writing was my gig before tackling a daily newspaper job, and free-lancing produced over 7,200 published articles in nearly 300 different magazines since 1967. Over the past 38 years of fulltime outdoor writing I also took time to write 22 books on fishing and hunting.

So now, years after I pecked out my first magazine article on a manual typewriter and sold it to Sports Afield magazine, I am nosing my way into yet another medium: internet outdoor writing. It’s new and wildly different, more than a bit exciting, and it is another way to deliver my outdoor message.

My promise, as I gave to The Detroit News’ readers in 1980 when I first took that job, is simple: I will never lie nor knowingly provide readers with bad or false information. My writing is honest and truthful.

I periodically mention products in columns or features, but those brief mentions allow readers to keep pace with what works in today’s rapidly changing outdoor world. My promise of not prostituting myself to make a buck is the same one I gave 38 years ago.

I never promise fast fishing or full bag limits when you read my fishing or hunting columns and features. Frankly, I get skunked at times just like you do. However, even on those days when fish don’t bite, deer do not move and pheasants don’t fly, there is a beauty in the outdoors to be savored and that is an important commodity to me.

I’ll find something of interest to write about daily. Now, after nearly 40 years chasing fish and game from Alaska to New Zealand, from Florida to my native Michigan, I know a good bit about many outdoor topics that I wish to share with you.

I spent 10 years as a fly fishing river guide for brown trout, Chinook and coho salmon, and steelhead. I’ve guided bear and deer hunters, which are two of my favorite hunting pastimes, and you can expect to see stories here on those and many other topics.

My philosophy on outdoor writing is very simple. A column or feature should entertain and inform, and it’s my intention to uphold the same brand of award-winning outdoor writing that my book, magazine and newspaper readers have come to expect.

I am a Life member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, and I strongly adhere to their Code of Ethics, and perhaps this is why I have been granted two of OWAA’s three most major awards –– their prestigious Ham Brown Award and Excellence In Craft Award.

Recently, OWAA honored me again by making me an Outdoor Writing Legend. One more thing about me: I often poke fun at myself. I’m easy to get along with, try to inform and help people, and frankly, my ego doesn’t need stroking by you or anyone else. I’m me, warts and all.

My desire is this: I want to write copy you want to read. If you like it, say so: if  you don’t like it, tell me why. My skin is thick, and I aim to please with high-scale fishing and hunting pieces.

Dave Richey