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This is the second in a series of Adventures With Jonny books, and this hardcover book is a great training tool for adults and children. DiLorenzo began this series to teach parents and their children how to fish frozen water in a family setting.

“This book was designed, in part, to teach the parent so they can teach their children,” DiLorenzo said. “It offers an amusing story for children as they travel along with Jonny on his outdoor adventures. I strongly believe that we should give our children the gift of the outdoors because it gives them a gift that will last a lifetime.”

It contains a parent’s How-to ice fishing guide that allows adults how to get their kids off on the right foot as they begin ice fishing. Readers will find an explanation of the equipment needed, the easiest rigs to use, where to find fish, and how to clean and cook the fish your child catches.

The game educates children on how to identify the most common fresh water fish species. It goes beyond learning the identity of each fish. The children will also learn what each fish likes to eat, where they live, and how to catch them through the ice.

One very important piece of advice is to make certain the ice is safe, and how to recognize places where ice could be thin and unsafe. Ice safety is very important,

I’ve ice fished since I was a little kid, and catching fish through the ice is a great deal of fun. This is a great new book for newcomers – both young and old – to learn about this grand winter sport. And what’s more: children love the great illustrations.
Mike DiLorenzo’s first book Let’s Go Fishing recently produced two book awards. He was awarded a first-place gold for Best First Book and a third-place bronze in the Nonfiction Picture Book category.


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