Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updating Continues On This Website

Every website needs an occasional tweak. This one is no different than any other, and an upgrade can’t hurt.

The original site was much like this one but it crashed. The site was down for about two months because the person who hosted the site was in Mexico and wouldn’t respond to my pleas for help.

The next step was a new host, and that has been three years ago. What we are doing now will be to offer my faithful readers something new as well as some of the old. Every website goes through these periodic pauses while someone much wiser than I makes the thing over into the third generation.

This new site, if all goes well, will look much better than it once did. It will contain some new voices besides mine, and this will provide you folks with a new and interesting look at Michigan fishing and hunting. You’ll see something new, changes you probably never thought would happen, as I try to bring more great writing and solid information to my readers.

These changes do not and can not be made in one or two days but by this weekend the site should be mostly complete. It’s my intent to make this site a familiar but more complete and updated one than before. Obviously, my intention is to give you something you can’t get elsewhere.

Stick with me for the rest of the week, and I think you’ll be happy you did. Thanks for your continued support.—Dave

Posted by Dave Richey on 08/20 at 06:48 PM
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