Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some Good News & Perhaps Some Bad News

I’ll know in about 10 days whether there is some news concerning my recent eye problem. Until then, it’s like the old good-news, bad-news joke.

My doctor told me today, after an in-depth examination of my left eye, that there is quite a bit of “debris” inside my eye. A most unusual word to describe an eye problem, and it caught me by surprise.

“"Debris is what is left when antibiotics kill the bacteria that caused the infection,” the doctor told me. “As the bacteria dies, it falls to the bottom of the eye and lays there. Usually the body will assimilate it but not always.

“If the body does not rid the ‘debris’ from inside the eye, there is always a chance that live bacteria that wasn’t killed will be buried under the piles of dead bacteria. It can stay in the eye, and cause cloudy or poor vision. It can come back a week, month or year later as another bacterial infection, and we don’t want that.”

The bottom line from today’s examination is we wait another 10 days, check the eye again, and if the “debris” is still present, it means another eye operation to clean out the inside of the eye, sew up the incision and replace the fluid in the eye. It’s a fairly complex surgery.

The good news is some, if not most of the bacteria, has been killed by the antibiotics. The bad news is we won’t know for at least 10 more days whether the debris littering the inside of my eye is going to be assimilated by my body or is it going to remain in my eye. If the latter scenario is the cse, then we go in for another surgery.

Am I concernd about another surgery. There have been 17 surgeries over the years with nine on the right and eight on the left. The thought of another surgery on my eye is not nearly as disturbing as when I was notified the first time that surgery was needed to help slow the vision loss caused by glaucoma. Now, it’s a matter of: Oh, great, another surgery. Hope this one does the job.

It’s like having surgery for your ailing appendix. You know the surgery is required, accept that fact, and get on with it. Honestly, I don’t want another surgery but will go under the knife for the 18th time if the doctor feels it’s necessary. To do anything different is stupid, and Ma Richey didn’t raise any dumb kids.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to covering fishing and getting ready for the upcoming turkey season. I’m tired of writing about me and my ailing eye. It’s time to get on with my life and my writing that is far more interesting for you and me than a bad eye problem.

Posted by Dave Richey on 04/01 at 07:53 PM
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