Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad Winter Weather & The Detroit Lions


Perhaps hearing Bing Crosby sing “White Christmas” just once this holiday season was the main reason we got belted by bad weather the day before and the day after the Christmas holiday.

Some people might blame Mother Nature for the past six weeks of bad weather, and I’d agree with them. She is responsible, even on her good days, for a lot of mischief. However, once she gets all riled up, and makes a mess of everything, she then proceeds to show us just how nasty she can get.

So far, we have received 120 measured inches of snow. It snarls traffic, made a mess of parking lots for last-minutes shoppers, and then everything turned to rain. The ice on my driveway is evidence that Ol’ Lady Nature went and threw herself a tantrum before blowing on out of our area.

I’d planned a late-season bow hunt for this evening but I was still working on cleaning up my decks and driveway. The wind was huffing and puffing a bit, and I wanted to get shed of last night’s snow on both decks while it was still possible.

I sat down today to watch The Detroit Lions play the Green Bay Packers. I mostly don’t give a rip about football, and am content to let two teams bounce each other around until one side wins.

Today was a bit different. The Lions were teetering on the brink of becoming a major footnote in football history. No teams in the modern-day era has ever gone 0 for 16.

It made little difference to me whether Detroit won or lost. The team is bad, and the team’s esteemed owner appears unable or unwilling to put a competitive team on the field. Mind you, some of the players are good, but as a team, the Lions stink.

Many may agree or disagree, as is their choice, but any club that goes zip for 16 isn’t much good. They have problems that new coaches and general manager can’t solve.

By half-time, with the score tied 14-14, I was beginning to see the faint possibility of a last-game turn-around. Those glimmers of hope fell through the cracks in the second half as Detroit players dropped the ball or committed stupid penalties at the worst possible time.

I thought the Lions’ quarterback did a pretty good job but some of the blame must fall on his and the other players shoulders. One or two good players do not make for a good football team.

Once the debacle ended, and The Detroit Lions lived up to their expected potential, and the talking heads for the televised event had their say, it was over. You could stick a fork in that turkey because the Lions were done.

I went back outside, tired of hearing about our Detroit football team, and about how it must feel to be the worst team in history. All that’s left for the team is to wait for the media to quit ripping them apart, and either wait for Mr. Ford to do something good for the team or move it out of state.

Michigan fans, with our horrid economy and the daily layoffs of workers who may never be called back to work, deserve something much better than The Detroit Lions. Fans need something to root for, something that offers them a glimmer of hope that the Lions, the job market and our stumbling economy will improve.

I don’t follow football but do remember the days of Bobby Lane and some of the other great Lions players. They had skill, they had heart, and they wanted to win. But unless I’m wrong, it was in 1957 when they won all the marbles for the last time, and that was the same year I graduated from high school.

Folks, that was 51 years ago. Even if I was a big football fan, which I’m not, those 51 years have produced far too many losing seasons. Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but even she is easier to predict than the whims of The Detroit Lions.

We could use a weather change, and a new team wouldn’t hurt a bit. This is the giving season, and Lions fans have been given nothing to look forward to, which makes them the biggest losers of all.

Excuse me for now. I still have more snow to move before dark, and as I man my snow blower I’ll do my best to forget what I saw on television today. It was enough to make a grown man sick

Posted by Dave Richey on 12/28 at 06:18 PM
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