Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Want To Buy Your Fishing & Hunting Books


I spent just enough time outdoors today shoveling off the deck to say hello to my neighbor and to bask in the warming breezes.

At 40 degrees, the snow is coming off the metal roof. I spent some quality time arranging and rearranging some of my books that are for sale on my fishing and hunting website at < >. Some titles are once-in-a-lifetime acquisitions for any sportsmen and others are moderately priced.

It’s obvious that not all sportsmen like to read books, and that is OK. They just don’t know what they are missing. There are so many fine fishing and hunting books available and many are listed on Scoop’s Books. The Scoop part is an old newspaper term, and I picked it up years ago when I worked for The Detroit News, and some folks still call me that now I’m writing for The Traverse City Record-Eagle on Sundays. Check it out tomorrow, and look for my writings in the Sports Section.

A hunter might ask: why buy a book on deer hunting? I already know how to deer hunt. Good question but a poor answer. Anyone who doesn’t study deer regularly will know something about hunting these animals, but won’t know enough about how to hunt them when the going gets tough.

Lots of people can cast a fly, but there are countless books available that can help with casting but also can teach us how to read the river, determine which insect is hatching, and which patterns will help fool the fish. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this life except paying taxes until you die, but reading can broaden your horizons and help us learn new skills.

I’m constantly looking for fishing or hunting books to buy. I need to buy books in order to sell books, and I’m picky about condition but pay fair prices. So just what am I looking for and what do I hope to buy from you?

Good question but a tough one to answer. The easiest answer is to find a book, look it over and tell me the author’s name, the book title, and whether it is a paperback or hardcover book with a dust jacket. From that tiny bit of information, I can usually determine whether I may be interested or am not in that title.

Contrary to popular belief, all fishing and hunting books are not scarce. Most also are not all worth big money. Many books I turn down are not worth $5, and I have no need for them nor do other dealers. But for you, the potential seller, I will pay a reasonable price based on what it takes to buy books in good shape.

Books with damaged covers, childish scribbles, underlined passages, highlighted sentences, damp-stained covers or those with other faults are not worth offering. I never buy musty, mildewed or ex-library books.

So, c’mon Richey, what exactly do you want? I seldom buy new titles. I never buy Readers Digest or condensed books. I prefer books that state 1st edition or 1st printing on the copyright page.

Topics of interest include Atlantic salmon, muskie, brook trout, tarpon, Pacific salmon, fly tying and other types of fishing books will work for me. I crave good books on hunting ruffed grouse, woodcock, deer, ducks, geese, upland game, wild turkey, and other hunting books. I have a mild interest in African hunting books but am picky about what I buy.

There are certain authors I collect and have a market for. Havilah Babcock, Larry Benoit, Bob Brunner, Nash Buckingham, Bob Burak, Jack Burns, Peter Hathaway Capstick (first editions only), Russell Chatham, Wally Chodak, Eugene Connett, Ralf Coykendall, Henry Davis, George Bird Evans, William Harnden Foster, Percy Haver, Marv Heeler, Dana Lamb, Homer LeBlanc, John Lowther, Thomas McGuane, Art Moraski, Richard Nissley, Jack O’Connor, Larry Ramsell, George Richey, Robert Ruark, Ernest Schwiebert, Louie Spray, Bob Swineheart, Robert Traver, Jack L. Turner, Ted Vogel, Alfred Weed and countless others. I’m always interested in any books written by Michigan turkey hunters like Denny Geurink.

People have nothing invested in offering me a book or books for possible purchase. If I can’t buy your books, I’ll be happy to explain why. If I do buy, know that I will offer you the highest possible price, and hope then to resell it for a modest profit.

I’ve never cheated anyone, and don’t plan on starting now. My reputation is excellent, and I sell books off my website and some by mail order sales. It’s in my best interest to pay the highest possible price, and still realize a potential profit. I’m always interested in estate sales, and do some appraisals for estate sales.

I grade books fairly, charge a fair price when selling and pay a fair price when I buy. I’ve been buying and selling books for more than 35 years, and one doesn’t stay in business long by cheating people.

Give me a try. Nasty winter weather will be around for another 10 weeks or so. Dig through that pile of fishing and hunting books stashed in the attic, barn, basement, cellar, closet, garage or wherever, write down the author’s name, the book title, and whether paperback or hardcover with dust jacket. If you can read this, you can certainly email me at < > and tell me what you have for sale.

It’s that easy. And who knows? The book you sell could be valuable or not, but the payment may allow you to purchase some fishing or hunting equipment. Try me and see.

Posted by Dave Richey on 01/05 at 06:46 PM
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